Dialogue Sessions

In one on one or small group sessions deep dive into the book you’ve just finished to really digest it and understand what the author intended you to take away from it.

How it works:

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  2. Decide on a book you’d like to read and discuss

  3. Read the book

  4. Schedule a session

  5. Select an opening question to kick off the conversation

  6. Dive deep in person or over zoom into the innards of what we read

  7. Walk away with a much deeper understanding and share your experience with the world

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Prefer an in-person dialogue in lovely surroundings. We can do that too depending on where you are.


One of my favorite experiences in 2023 was finally reading The Brothers Karamazov. Reading it with @extragrad_ helped me get through it and actually understand it. Very rewarding. - Mike D. (my brother)

“I truly enjoyed my Extragrad Dialogue Session around Cormac McCarthy’s Blood Meridian. 

I am a lifelong book lover who typically reads between 20-30 books per year. Despite ample practice, I often feel that my reading is unfocused and shallow. I am well acquainted with the sensation of having consumed the words on one or more pages and failing to understand what I've read, let alone extracting deep meaning or insight. 

The Extragrad process provided a structure that made my reading process more thoughtful and deliberate. Per the program’s guidance, I kept light notes on anything that struck me as interesting or warranting further exploration through dialogue. Identifying and recording these points of inquiry sparked a virtuous cycle of curiosity and helped deepen my relationship with the text. 

The Dialogue Session itself was an excellent opportunity to reflect and synthesize. We explored the text in both macroscopic and microscopic detail, considering the author’s “project” (or purpose) in broad terms while also drilling down into character motivations, historical context, and stylistic choices. I particularly enjoyed the last part of the discussion, where we explored how the text’s lessons could be brought to bear on my own life and worldview. I left the conversation knowing more about the book and also about myself. 

I highly recommend Extragrad to any bookworm looking to strengthen his/her relationship with literature.” - Will R